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LOST Season 6, Episode 16 | Finale Predictions & What they Died For

by Luke Kallis on May 24, 2010

The final episode before the finale continued to deliver more answers with the most important one being that Jack is the ultimate candidate that Jacob has been searching for over the last 100 years. This makes perfect sense as the show originally was about the juxtaposition of Jack’s man of science viewpoint versus Locke’s man of faith viewpoint. The transformation from science to faith is now complete and not only have we seen Jack continue down the road of faith since returning to the island (at the Lighthouse, with the Dynamite in the Black Rock, in the sub and in his conversations about there needing to be a purpose for him coming back) but it makes perfect sense that his main advisary and the man he needs to stop is John Locke. It couldn’t have ended up any more symmetrical.

Jack’s character arc has always been about fixing people, like his wife after her car accident or all of the survivors the day the plane crashed and now he has the ultimate opportunity to not only heal people with his omnipotent Jacob powers but to actually save the world by stopping MIB/ The Lockeness Monster (LNM). At the fire he stepped up and asked for the Jacob job and then through the water drinking ceremony became the new protector of the island and apparently all of humanity. One has to wonder if we will see a different Jack in the finale. One that has new found powers and a demeanor to match Jacobs or if we will ultimately see Jack killed by Ben and the role of Candidate transferred over to Hurley or Sawyer.

The other thing that is going to be interesting to see play out is if Jack is actually allowed to kill the MIB. As I laid out months ago and I believe it has been confirmed “the rules” prohibited Jacob from hurting the MIB and vice versa but it also appears the rules prohibited MIB from hurting a Candidate. Here are the rules again:

Rule #1- A Candidate cannot be harmed by any spiritual island party (Jacob, Others & MIB) and has complete free will on the island.

Rule #2- Only a Candidate can kill Jacob.

Rule #3- Jacob and the MIB can not directly kill each other.

For an indepth breakdown on how these rules were initially proven please see this post:

The Rules of the Island and MIB Loophole Explained

That first bomb also created the sideways universe which the viewers will find resolution and a clear definition of in the finale. As all of the survivors are now waking up in that reality and it’s created an interesting conundrum for them as they are all leading double lives or at least have the memories of their other life. The question now becomes do the sideways characters all go to the island together to try and merge the timelines. This brings us to the bigger question of how will the show end?

Does the last episode end with the sideways universe characters plane crashing just as the first episode of the show started? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate irony and perfect bookend to a show that has always been about destiny, the interconnection of people’s lives and most importantly about the analysis of time? Throughout the course of the show we’ve had flashbacks, flash forwards, flash sideways and time travel. The perfect ending would be to finish the show right where the it started? It’s would be almost poetic to realize that after analyzing every form of destiny over the course of the show’s seasons that the ultimate answer is that the end is the beginning. Of course the finale could go in a million different directions and its total conjecture but if I had to make a bet I’d put my money on the end being the beginning in some form.

Just as I hope that “the rules” are finally defined (and validate my theory) I’d like to see the show clarify why MIB can’t change forms anymore.  My belief is that he can only take the form of someone who’s dead and whose body is still on the island. However I think the kicker is that the body cannot be buried. If you think about the past forms he’s taken this makes sense. He was Jack’s dad and that body was on the island and never found. He was the MIB which was his original form and we found out that his body was shed like a skin and then placed in the cave as the “Adam and Eve“ couple that the survivors discovered in Season 1. Therefore that body was never buried so he could maintain that form. Finally he was John Locke and that body was brought back by Jack and the Oceanic 6. At one point this season, Ilana states MIB can’t change forms anymore. I believe he can’t change because they buried Locke’s body shortly after it was revealed that MIB had taken his form and that Locke’s real dead body was in the crate.  Therefore that is why MIB is trapped as John Locke now.

Another thing that needs resolution and is a minor mystery is who is Jack’s wife in the sideways world. I am going to guess it’s Juliet. We haven’t seen her yet and she had a romantic history with Jack at one point on the island so it would make sense that they were together in the sideways universe. To me this is a minor detail but one that will be answered for sure.

That brings us to Desmond. He will play a major role in the show’s finale since he has always been the most important piece in the time travel portion of the Lost universe. As I wrote about here Desmond is the key to Lost . He’s the first time traveler and the constant of the entire timeline. We know Widmore thinks he can stop the MIB and we know that Desmond is rallying everyone in the other timeline to “awaken”. When it’s all said and done Desmond will play a huge role. I can’t figure out what exactly is going to happen and how he will be utilized but he will be a major contributor.

My final and most confident prognostication is that I think that TLM/MIB will be stopped but that when it’s all said and done he will be replaced by Ben as the new Smoke Monster. Ben’s character has always been about his obsession with the island. He would always do anything for the island including murdering hundreds of people.  When Ben kills Widmore in this episode he gets revenge for the murder of his daughter Alex but what he’s done is break the rule of the Others that once you are an Other you can not harm another Other or their family. That is the reason that when Ben saw Widmore’s mercenaries kill Alex that he stated, “he broke the rules.” Ben has now broken the rules and his transformation is complete. He is no longer an Other protecting the island via the rules of Jacob; he is now a rouge agent who solely wants to control the island and the MIB has promised him that opportunity if Ben helps him. I believe his reward is going to be the transformation into the new MIB and the irony will be that he killed Jacob and ultimately transformed into his true adversary.

This is going to happen in one of two ways. After wanting to run the island and being obsessed with it he will ultimately enter the glowing cave out of blind ambition, feeling like he deserves to the see the island true heart. His sense of entitlement will somehow lead him into that cave to solve the final mystery of the island. OR he will be tricked into the cave by John Locke. There’s heavy irony at play here as when Ben was introduced as a character he conned John Locke into first believing that he was Henry Gale and after being exposed he eventually conned Locke into letting him go. Wouldn’t the ultimate character conclusion for Ben be for him to be conned by MIB/LNM into an eternity of imprisonment on the island. Becoming the new MIB would also clearly define Ben as the amazing villain he’s always been. He literally will become the most evil man in the world.

We will have to wait and see if any of these things happen but those are my predictions. Whatever happens I know one thing. The writers are going to go out swinging so the finale is going to be a bit crazy and it will definitely be polarizing. Some people will love and others will loathe it. I hope I’m in the first camp and I can’t wait to find out.

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Charles May 24, 2010 at 1:42 am

What? Predictions for the final episode but not one mention of my man Desmond? Desmond is bringing them to the party to reconcile there fractured time and space continuum. At which point I agree that we will watch the plane crash only to realize that these were the final seconds before death an a greater flash of shared conciousness. Or something like that…. Who really knows. All I do know is that I have big money riding on the return of Mr. Echo. Papa needs a new house!

nickkallis May 24, 2010 at 2:52 am

That is a solid point. I just added in a bit about Desmond. I know he’s going to be a MAJOR part of the finale. I just can’t figure out how yet.

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