So Lost is officially over and the ultimate irony of the finale is that many viewers are feeling “lost.”  For a show that ranks up there as one of the all time great modern dramas alongside The Shield, Six Feet Under, Battlestar Galactica, The Wire, Mad Men (not finished), and The Sopranos this finale was unique in and of the fact that that it delivered strong or weak results depending on what each viewers ultimate expectations were.

The genius of Lost was that it was initially ideated as Survivor meet Gilligan’s Island meets Lord of the Flies. The show started as the most expensive pilot ever made developed by a bunch of geeks who thought the only way they could make it cool and believable was to make it interesting and weird. So from that rationale sprang such early ideas as there needs to be a monster and polar bears on the island and all of the characters need to carry around some serious emotional baggage that will be explained later. For example they thought Sawyer should have a letter that was majorly important to him but at the outset that thought  was more based on the concept of the meaning of the letter rather than what it said because ultimately they didn’t know yet.  The show was a drama about human interaction and relationships and as we all know it played up the emotional drama of such topics of would Kate end up with Sawyer or Jack or was Juliette really meant for Jack….but wait how did Juliet end up with Sawyer once he was allowed redemption? The show was also a hodgepodge of geek culture, new fangled mythology and ruminations about Sci-Fi and Fantasy concepts. The genius of it all was when it premiered it sucked in the woman who loved the standard drama element and it pulled in the men who loved the geeky aspects and everyone in between that crossed those segments. It also was the highest rated new show to premiere in 9 years.

The reason all of this matters is that the finale tried to toe the line between these two worlds but ultimately did a better job of exploring the drama angle rather than the mythology angle. I can only imagine the many people that were frustrated by the show wondering about a lot of the mythology elements that went unanswered like:

  • Why couldn’t people have babies on the island?
    • When did that start?
    • If that’s why they brought Juliet in initially then why or how did she fail with or solve the problem?
    • What was the deal with the children and why did the Others initially kidnap them?
      • Did that have to do with no one being allowed to have babies?
      • What was the deal with the ash and the temple?
        • Why did Dogen have to die for the Black Smoke to get in?
        • Why were Jack, Kate and Hurley sent back to 1977 during the return flight but Sun, Ben and others were not?

These are just a few of the many questions that didn’t get answered and I could go on for paragraph after paragraph picking apart some if not all of the unanswered questions or spend hours combing the shows subtext to see if I missed anything but at the end of the day it is what it is and I am going to choose to focus on the positive and the reality of the situation. That reality is that this was a TV show written over the span of many years. The show worked so well because it was a mystery wrapped in a mystery wrapped in time machine. It was that constant flow of intrigue that kept people tuned in and coming back to find out the answers. In the end the writers did a pretty could job of tying it all together and answering as much as they could. We found out that the whispers were the voices of the dead on the island. We found out how the 200 foot tall statue of Taweret was destroyed by Richard’s boat when he arrived 100 years ago on the island. We found out that there were Polar Bears on the island because Dharma was doing tests on them and using them to turn the frozen donkey wheel. We found out the numbers were actually the numbers assigned to Jacob’s candidates and coincided to the most important candidates of all. We found out that the “Adam and Eve” Skeletons discovered in Season 1 were actually the Man and Black and his mother’s remains. The list goes on and on over the course of the many seasons and rather than admonish the writers for not answering EVERY single mystery ever, I’d rather commend the writers for somehow getting around to setting up and answering as many as they did. I think   even the writers tried to show what a ridiculous ask answering all of the questions was when they eventually had Shannon’s inhaler found this season as the fans had been complaining about its disappearance for years. The message was clearly we can play this game if you want but it is kind of silly, so can’t you please just cut us some slack and enjoy the show.

I think the reason that so many people are upset with the unanswered questions is that the writers made some fundamental mistakes. They told everyone that they needed an end date because they had carefully plotted out the rest of the show. They continually promised answers to everyone’s questions. They set the expectations for everyone that if you ride this out with us it will be a trip well worth it as we’ve know the end of this and how we are getting there for years.  What I think is quite clear is they had no idea. I really don’t think any of them could look you in the face and tell you that the Black Smoke was always supposed to actually be a normal man who was born on the island, transformed into a supernatural entity by way of going down into a glowing cave of light which may or not be the cradle of all life and the fabric that connects the real life with the afterlife. After entering that light the electromagnetic properties of this in-between place would transform him into a supernatural entity that is most likely evil, could be the destroyer of man and as an added bonus could take on the form of other dead people. I simply think along the way they decided to tie as many  loose ends together and some worked better than others. I also don’t think that they needed 3 more years to tell us that the story will end with everyone in the afterlife on-deck circle for (insert religious destination here). Wasn’t that what all of the fans thought the show was about from the beginning anyway? Were they trying to say you thought it was purgatory, we told you it wasn’t but guess what it was KIND of purgatory…in the sideways world at least…not in the real you weren’t “technically” right. Or maybe it’s been so long since the fans guessed the ending, not it’s kind of cool and ironic to deliver the ending you thought it would be. Really? That’s what we are getting? They simply  just didn’t have it figured out and for what it’s worth, they ended up exactly where the fans thought they started. I think this point was clearly annunciated by the fact that during the credits they showed the wreckage from the first episode without any people on the sand. After all of this now they give us one last mystery in the final seconds?! We are now left to wonder if the island life was all purgatory too or a dream? What did that really mean? It means they just threw it up there to create intrigue and like many times before over the course of the show…there is no answer for it…just one more chance to create intrigue and make us all wait for an answer they don’t have themselves. If they had more time they could write a pseudo solution but we will have to wait forever. Or for the DVD that will supposedly answer more questions only to not answer others. It’s an endless cycle that the writers spun the viewers into again and again.

This all finally brings us to the finale and what it did right. If you can get past a lot of the unanswered stuff above and focus on the drama and the characters then I felt the finale did a really solid job of celebrating all of the characters, their idiosyncrasies and their lifelong connections.

I loved how the last episode of the show started with Ben and Locke/MIB teamed up. For the entire course of the show they fought over who was the leader of the island and to kick things off the final episode has them joined together because Locke/MIB had promised Ben control of the island. His entire life that is all that Ben has wanted. He killed his father, murdered a town of people and abolished his competition from the island (Widmore) all to maintain control.  The island is all Ben has ever cared about and he was about to gain control. That is until he finds out that Locke/MIB is going to sink the island and in fact he will have merely have control of an underwater Shangri-La. So Ben does what he does best and flip flops back to the other side now that he can’t obtain the island.

One of the early moments I enjoyed was when Sawyer confronts Ben and Locke and he calls Locke by the nickname Smokey. That was a great moment. That was of course the nickname all of the fans gave the Black Smoke for many years before we all found out Smokey was a person. That simple moment gave the fans some enjoyment while bringing out one of Sawyers most memorable qualities. Later in this episode he calls Hurley Stay-Puft. Both of those nicknames made me laugh and that was what I loved about this episode is it celebrated the finer moments of each of characters attributes. Saywer has always been the king of the nicknames. He’s done some great work on Hurley alone including:





Chicken Little

Deep dish

Grape Ape



International House of Pancakes









Pork Pie





Everyone will always remember Freckles which was his pet name for Kate but I was more fond of the humorous ones.

The other thing I liked about this episode was the set up so that each character would have amazing flashback moments that were a part of their enlightenment or “remembering.”  It was really an ingenious device because it allowed the viewers to have a brief trip down memory road to celebrate the high points of those characters stories as well as their relationships. For example, when Jin and Sun are in the waiting room and Juliet comes in to be their doctor (which was its own great irony as she was Sun’s doctor on the island) and then they remember their old lives together and even dying together and then they begin to well up and cry because of all of those memories flooding in was incredibly well done. It was all wrapped up in the guise of Juliet thinking they were crying because they found out they were having a baby girl. That was a very well done moment and a nice reflection and culmination to their story.  I also loved how Charlie and Claire reconnected during the birth of Aaron and when their memory flashes hit we got to see the great peanut butter moment between them and how they were always meant to be together but never given the chance because of Charlie’s early demise. The same goes for Saywer and Juliet at the vending machine. Their whole interaction was pitch perfect and a great recap of their romance.

On the flip side of the well done moments I felt like some of them were a stretch. The Sayid and Shannon reunion was a bit of a tough pill to swallow as unless I’m crazy he knew Shannon for just a few short weeks and spent pretty much his entire life chasing and pining over Nadia going so far as to carry her picture around with him.

The common thread that was really being pressed upon the viewers was that in the end the love that you share with someone is the most powerful force in the world. Once you realize the importance of that love then the rest of the world doesn’t matter and you can celebrate your life. It’s the age old saying that love will set you free and in this instance, it apparently sets you free to go to the afterlife.

Speaking of which that brings us back the island and the cave. I thought that it was amazing how the whole show came down to Jack battling Locke. From the very first episode the entire show was about Jack’s man of science viewpoint vs. Locke’s man of faith viewpoint. In the very end the story of Lost can be boiled down to the story of Jack Shepard. His journey on Lost was the most complete and to say he had an amazing character arch would be a tremendous understatement. In the beginning he was all science battling Locke as well as any and all spirituality on the island with his answers and facts. He did not want to be the leader and said so many times in Season 1 but it was bestowed upon him because he was logical and a doctor. As the show progressed he slowly realized his viewpoint about faith was wrong which culminated when the island disappeared. He literally lost his mind for a period of time after that as he couldn’t accept that everything he believed in his whole life was a fallacy. Upon returning to the island he accepted that faith was the appropriate choice for him to make and began down that path with simple half truths like they were all there for a reason until he reached a point of blind faith with the dynamite moment with Richard in the Black Rock and the pleading to let the bomb wind down in the sub. To be truly spiritual and one of God’s true advocates one must reach blind faith to be a pure believer. Once Jack reached that level of faith he ultimately realized that he wanted to step up and take the reins from Jacob. He chose to be the leader leaving behind all of his daddy issues and fact based reasons why he couldn’t handle the job. That was why when he said he wanted the job, Jacob asked, “Was that a question?”  to which Jack responded, “No”. It was a complete character transformation from one side of the equation to the other. The one constant thread throughout the whole experience was that he knew his life mission was to fix people. He fixed his wife from a car accident, Ben from spinal collapse, John Locke in the sideways world and so on and so on and in the very end he got a chance to fix the whole world by saving it from destruction.

All of the above is why it was so great when Locke/MIB asks Jack in the finale, “ You are the obvious choice, don’t you think?” it was  a stellar moment. He was the obvious choice now that we’ve seen the journey he went through to get there. And Jack knew that his transformation was complete and acknowledged it by stating that, “Locke was right about everything.”I liked that the final argument between Jack and Locke was no longer an argument of science vs. faith but rather faith vs. faith. Both men believed that Desmond was the key that they needed and both of them had nothing to go off of but blind faith that they were right. Jack believed that he could kill MIB with Desmond’s help and MIB believed Desmond would destroy the island. They were both right because it is no becoming quite clear how faith heavy this episode and finale was. In the end when Jack and Locke fight on the caves and Jack defeats Locke (in an amazing mountain battle I might add) Jack is left stabbed in the side in the same place Jesus was stabbed with the spear by one of the soldiers in the Gospel of John.  Jack knows that he is done for and so he gives Hurley Communion err makes him drink the dirty puddle water and passes on the protector of the island role to Hurley who was always his most devout decibel. This makes complete sense as one could argue that in the end Jack was the soul of the island while Hurley was always the heart. He was the most loveable character and was the one that was always there for his friends. Doesn’t it make sense at the very end that Hurley would take on the ultimate task of protector to aid and support his friends? For the record when Jack tells Hurley in front of Ben that it, “Needs to be you Hurley” the look on Ben’s face of sadness is incredible. I am going to miss Michael Emerson’s acting as Ben. He was originally only supposed to be in 3 episodes but he was so great he became a regular and I applaud that decision as his character and acting were a consistent high point for me.

Now I guess it’s time to wrap up this wrap up. This all leads us to the place of what did it all mean. I personally think that the island life was real and the sideways life was the holding station before heaven. The church was where all of the Losties went to ascend together. This last episode relied heavily on Christian themes and went as far as to take a moment to annunciate Jack’s dad’s name like this…Christian….Shephard to make sure we all understood what was trying to be communicated. However the church was also non denominational and as you can see by this stain glass window was very inclusive of many religions Clockwise, from upper left: Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Seventh Day Donkeywheelism, Hinduism.

Lost Stained Glass Window in the Church

Lost Stained Glass Window in the Church from the Finale

I also thought it was funny how the heroin smuggling statues made it into the church! Ultimately once you had an awakening and celebrated love for its purity and your own life then you could reach the church. When Ben doesn’t enter the church it’s because he still has unfinished business with Alex and he still needs to atone for his murders and life mistakes. It is the same for Eloise Hawking who is afraid she will lose Daniel Faraday again and she must atone for her sins longer as she murdered Daniel’s grown self while he was simultaneously a baby in her womb. Overall many people talk about their life flashing before their eyes when they are about to die and in some religions people must remember their life’s and reflect on them before they ascend or reach spiritual balance so I understand what the writers were going for but in this instance I feel it didn’t deliver with the impact that the they felt it would. The reason I believe this is because in the end everyone was confused by the sideways world all season and to have that be the climax of the show felt force. The show’s ultimate meaning should have been about the island as that’s where we all invested all of our time.

This of course now leads us back to the island. I think that the light in the cave was most likely just light in a cave (sorry writers, you used up all of your believe in us credits) but I actually prefer to believe it was potentially the foundation of all spirituality and that if exhausted then the ability for people to cross over into heaven/the afterlife would be severely damaged. The reason that Desmond could go down there was that he could withstand the electromagnetic radiation that kept the light together in one place. I believe the light was connected to the living world and to the afterlife because Desmond believed that by going in there he would be transported to the sideways world (ie the afterlife). The reason he thought this was because he had already visited this place many times. When the hatch blew up Desmond’s life literally flashed before his eyes as so many other people with near death experiences have said happened. What was unique for him was that when he came out of it part of  him existed in the real world and part of him existed and lived in the afterlife world (Sideways world). As we found out via Christian Shephard at the church, everyone there died at different times but they can all be there together because once you pass on there is no time. Desmond essentially passed on but came back BUT for him there was no time in the real world because he understood the probabilities of the timeless afterlife world. However in this episode when he told Jack he would pull out the plug and move on to the afterlife world he was confused as for the first time since the accident he was wrong. The reason he was wrong was that he was actually extinguishing the light of heaven (for lack of a better term) and therefore he couldn’t return to a place that no longer existed. Ultimately when Jack goes down in the cave he saves Desmond and delivers Desmond’s signature line to him, “I’ll see you in another life brother.” The above actually explains why for all these years Desmond has said that…he truly does see everyone in another life.

When Jack replaces the cork into the cave bottle and saves the heaven light he then is destroyed and sent out onto the very same rocks that MIB’s body was on. We are not sure if Jack has actually been transformed into a new Black Smoke Monster to forever live on the island but what we do know is that he finds his way back to the bamboo forest. He lays down in the very same place that he lay when the pilot started. Vincent is there to watch Jack die. Jack would always comment that they could live together or die alone and in the very end after he fixed everyone he was able to sidestep a big fear of his and not die alone. The show always was going to end at the very beginning. There was nowhere else for it to end as the show explored flashbacks, flash sideways, flash forwards and time travel. In the end the only answer to all of those various questions of time is that all paths lead to the beginning. The final scene from that standpoint made complete sense and I am not surprised that when you really think about it in the final moments the show delivered the the opening scene again showcasing he most important character culminating in and  ending that everybody said would be the ending right from the beginning. When you think about it in those terms…it almost all made sense.

*On a final note, I wanted to say thanks to everybody that ever read this blog or participated on this blog. This was a small project that started out as a fun experiment that grew to readership numbers that I never imagined. I want to thank everyone for celebrating this great show with me and for sharing in my enjoyment of Lost.

I’ll see you all in another life brothers.


The final episode before the finale continued to deliver more answers with the most important one being that Jack is the ultimate candidate that Jacob has been searching for over the last 100 years. This makes perfect sense as the show originally was about the juxtaposition of Jack’s man of science viewpoint versus Locke’s man of faith viewpoint. The transformation from science to faith is now complete and not only have we seen Jack continue down the road of faith since returning to the island (at the Lighthouse, with the Dynamite in the Black Rock, in the sub and in his conversations about there needing to be a purpose for him coming back) but it makes perfect sense that his main advisary and the man he needs to stop is John Locke. It couldn’t have ended up any more symmetrical.

Jack’s character arc has always been about fixing people, like his wife after her car accident or all of the survivors the day the plane crashed and now he has the ultimate opportunity to not only heal people with his omnipotent Jacob powers but to actually save the world by stopping MIB/ The Lockeness Monster (LNM). At the fire he stepped up and asked for the Jacob job and then through the water drinking ceremony became the new protector of the island and apparently all of humanity. One has to wonder if we will see a different Jack in the finale. One that has new found powers and a demeanor to match Jacobs or if we will ultimately see Jack killed by Ben and the role of Candidate transferred over to Hurley or Sawyer.

The other thing that is going to be interesting to see play out is if Jack is actually allowed to kill the MIB. As I laid out months ago and I believe it has been confirmed “the rules” prohibited Jacob from hurting the MIB and vice versa but it also appears the rules prohibited MIB from hurting a Candidate. Here are the rules again:

Rule #1- A Candidate cannot be harmed by any spiritual island party (Jacob, Others & MIB) and has complete free will on the island.

Rule #2- Only a Candidate can kill Jacob.

Rule #3- Jacob and the MIB can not directly kill each other.

For an indepth breakdown on how these rules were initially proven please see this post:

The Rules of the Island and MIB Loophole Explained

That first bomb also created the sideways universe which the viewers will find resolution and a clear definition of in the finale. As all of the survivors are now waking up in that reality and it’s created an interesting conundrum for them as they are all leading double lives or at least have the memories of their other life. The question now becomes do the sideways characters all go to the island together to try and merge the timelines. This brings us to the bigger question of how will the show end?

Does the last episode end with the sideways universe characters plane crashing just as the first episode of the show started? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate irony and perfect bookend to a show that has always been about destiny, the interconnection of people’s lives and most importantly about the analysis of time? Throughout the course of the show we’ve had flashbacks, flash forwards, flash sideways and time travel. The perfect ending would be to finish the show right where the it started? It’s would be almost poetic to realize that after analyzing every form of destiny over the course of the show’s seasons that the ultimate answer is that the end is the beginning. Of course the finale could go in a million different directions and its total conjecture but if I had to make a bet I’d put my money on the end being the beginning in some form.

Just as I hope that “the rules” are finally defined (and validate my theory) I’d like to see the show clarify why MIB can’t change forms anymore.  My belief is that he can only take the form of someone who’s dead and whose body is still on the island. However I think the kicker is that the body cannot be buried. If you think about the past forms he’s taken this makes sense. He was Jack’s dad and that body was on the island and never found. He was the MIB which was his original form and we found out that his body was shed like a skin and then placed in the cave as the “Adam and Eve“ couple that the survivors discovered in Season 1. Therefore that body was never buried so he could maintain that form. Finally he was John Locke and that body was brought back by Jack and the Oceanic 6. At one point this season, Ilana states MIB can’t change forms anymore. I believe he can’t change because they buried Locke’s body shortly after it was revealed that MIB had taken his form and that Locke’s real dead body was in the crate.  Therefore that is why MIB is trapped as John Locke now.

Another thing that needs resolution and is a minor mystery is who is Jack’s wife in the sideways world. I am going to guess it’s Juliet. We haven’t seen her yet and she had a romantic history with Jack at one point on the island so it would make sense that they were together in the sideways universe. To me this is a minor detail but one that will be answered for sure.

That brings us to Desmond. He will play a major role in the show’s finale since he has always been the most important piece in the time travel portion of the Lost universe. As I wrote about here Desmond is the key to Lost . He’s the first time traveler and the constant of the entire timeline. We know Widmore thinks he can stop the MIB and we know that Desmond is rallying everyone in the other timeline to “awaken”. When it’s all said and done Desmond will play a huge role. I can’t figure out what exactly is going to happen and how he will be utilized but he will be a major contributor.

My final and most confident prognostication is that I think that TLM/MIB will be stopped but that when it’s all said and done he will be replaced by Ben as the new Smoke Monster. Ben’s character has always been about his obsession with the island. He would always do anything for the island including murdering hundreds of people.  When Ben kills Widmore in this episode he gets revenge for the murder of his daughter Alex but what he’s done is break the rule of the Others that once you are an Other you can not harm another Other or their family. That is the reason that when Ben saw Widmore’s mercenaries kill Alex that he stated, “he broke the rules.” Ben has now broken the rules and his transformation is complete. He is no longer an Other protecting the island via the rules of Jacob; he is now a rouge agent who solely wants to control the island and the MIB has promised him that opportunity if Ben helps him. I believe his reward is going to be the transformation into the new MIB and the irony will be that he killed Jacob and ultimately transformed into his true adversary.

This is going to happen in one of two ways. After wanting to run the island and being obsessed with it he will ultimately enter the glowing cave out of blind ambition, feeling like he deserves to the see the island true heart. His sense of entitlement will somehow lead him into that cave to solve the final mystery of the island. OR he will be tricked into the cave by John Locke. There’s heavy irony at play here as when Ben was introduced as a character he conned John Locke into first believing that he was Henry Gale and after being exposed he eventually conned Locke into letting him go. Wouldn’t the ultimate character conclusion for Ben be for him to be conned by MIB/LNM into an eternity of imprisonment on the island. Becoming the new MIB would also clearly define Ben as the amazing villain he’s always been. He literally will become the most evil man in the world.

We will have to wait and see if any of these things happen but those are my predictions. Whatever happens I know one thing. The writers are going to go out swinging so the finale is going to be a bit crazy and it will definitely be polarizing. Some people will love and others will loathe it. I hope I’m in the first camp and I can’t wait to find out.


Since the viewers first met Desmond he has always been a VERY important character in the Lost universe. At the end of season one everyone wanted to know what was in the hatch? It turned out that it was Desmond and he was living in the hatch for 3 years pushing a button every 108 minutes to save the world.  As we now know the first time he stalled pushing the button an electro magnetic charge released and IT is what actually crashed Oceanic Flight 815 and brought all of the Losties to the island. For all of the talk these days of Jacob bringing everyone to the island the simple fact is that regardless of it was Jacob’s will or not it was Desmond who crashed the plane on the island. When Locke convinced him for a second time to not push the button, Desmond realized at the last moment that everyone would die because of this and therefore he climbed down into the depths of the station and turned the the safety release switch with they key that only he had to release the energy which ultimately imploded the swan station/hatch. Desmond having the key to save everyone was actually a great through line to this week’s episode and to his character’s arch throughout the show as he is the key to saving the world.

Desmond single handedly changed the entire scope of the show. He was the first character ever to time travel and foreshadow a lot of the elements that would actually end up being the building blocks of the show. It’s revealed in Season 3 that after Desmond turned the key he actually time traveled back to 1996 and begins to relive his life with Penny from that point on. He visits with Widmore who offers him a job but he tells Widmore that he’s there to ask for Penny’s hand in marriage. Widmore takes out two glasses but only pours one glass of MacCutcheon Whisky telling Desmond that one gulp costs more than Desmond will make in a month and he won’t waste it on him because he will never be a great man and is not worthy to marry his daughter. Later on Desmond goes ring shopping and is helped by Eloise Hawking making her first appearance ever on the show. When Desmond tries to buy the ring Eloise tells him no because he’s not supposed to buy the ring as it will alter his original fate and if that changes then, “every single one of us is dead”. Obviously Desmond doesn’t take this news well and so Eloise takes him outside and points to a man with red shoes. Moments later a scaffolding falls on the man with the red shoes. Desmond states that Eloise knew what was going to happen and asks why wouldn’t she stop it? She tells him that even if someone momentarily stalls fate it will always find a way to course correct itself and then place that person back on their path. Desmond rejects all of this and says that he will not be a slave to the universe.

Later as Desmond is about to propose to Penny they begin to take a picture from a street vendor. As Penny settles on the background and the picutre is taken,  Desmond looks at the picture. This moment makes him flash back to the island and realize this is the picture he carries around of her while on the island. Out of fear he breaks off their relationship and throws his ring into the River Thames.

For every person that has ever claimed that the writers do not know what they are doing or do not have an end game I offer up the above recap from Season 3’s Flashes before the Eyes episode as complete proof that the whole show has been mapped out to some extent. If you don’t believe please allow me to continue to make my case.

Up until this episode the show had been solely about flashbacks. It was never about time travel.  This episode introduced the possibility of time travel and brought Eloise Hawking in as it’s guide or temporal policeman.  After this episode Desmond begins to see flashes of the future which show Charlie dying. Desmond manages to save Charlie’s life many times until ultimately Charlie dies in the under water swan station just as he reveals that the boat they think is Penny’s boat is indeed not and that Desmond should keep his guard up. This of course is all foreshadowing for the big shocker which is at the end of Season 3 the flash forward happens and people are left gasping as Jack tells Kate, “We have to go back” changing the structure of the show and tying back into the flash forwards that Desmond has been seeing. Season 4 then becomes about Flash Forwards with one exception, the episode the Constant showcases Desmond once again flashing back in time to 1996.

This major time travel themed episode shows us that Daniel Faraday is the main time traveling mastermind on the island. Daniel tells Desmond as he’s traveling back in time to visit him in Oxford in 1996. As the episode progresses Desmond eventually finds Daniel which leads him to Penny in 1996. He actually finds her shortly after he breaks it off with her at the pier (from the Season 3 episode) and she wants nothing to do with him.  He pleads with her and convinces her that no matter what he needs to call her in 8 years and needs her phone number. She gives her his phone number and he then travels back forward in time and ends up using the number 8 years later on the freightor to reach Penny and stabalize his time traveling and fractured ego.

Now this is where we are going to get a little crazy and place this history lesson back into context. Daniel Faraday calls Desmond his constant. Regardless of the timeline or whatever year it is Daniel Faraday is always taking notes in his diary. As the show progresses the rest of Season 4 continues to use the flash forwards until we reach Season 5 which is all about time travel. During that Season’s episode titled the Constant, Daniel Faraday arrives at the Others camp where Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore are the leaders of the Others. As Faraday fires two warning shots into the air he is shot and killed by Eloise from behind. As he is dying he informs her that he is her son. We can now extrapolate that Eloise knows to tell Desmond in his 1996 flashback timeline (Season 3 episode again) which could also be considered his sideways timeline all about time travel as she began to learn all about it and Desmond’s importance from her dead son’s diary which she acquired in 1977 after killing him.

All of this now comes full circle back to this week’s episode. Widmore has brought the man he deemed a loser and unworthy of marrying his daughter back to the island to save humanity. The man who wasn’t even worth a swig of Scotch is now the most important man in the world.  Desmond has proven time and time again that he can handle tremendous feats like withstanding an electro magnetic blast (re-proven this week) and surviving the mental rigors of time travel. We know that the MIB when in Smoke form often crackles with some sort of energy and that the pylons (which could be electro magnetic) keep him at bay. Somehow Desmond’s ability can make an impact on the MIB but we aren’t quite sure how yet. However what we do know is as the others in the flash sideways universe are beginning to see cracks between the timelines, Desmond is the one man that can bring it all together or maybe even more poignantly bring it all crashing down. It’s no coincidence that it is Charlie in the sideways universe that allows Desmond to see the fissures in the timeline just as it is no coincidence that Daniel Faraday is their to explain it to him and Eloise Hawking is there to try and guide him or more pointedly not guide him as she believe he’s not ready. Everything that is happening in the sideways timeline is occurring just as Eloise predicted it would when she told Desmond so very long ago…you can’t change destiny as it will ultimately course correct itself. The last 3 years of Lost can all now be traced back to that one episode as a foreshadowing of what some of the major themes of the show would inevitably become and some of the groundwork was laid for how the show will ultimately resolve and what themes will be utilized to showcase everyone’s faith.

The one thing that we know for certain now is that the writers have always had a plan and that their plan has always had Desmond is the key to the Lost Universe.

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